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Shoutbox - History
MagikGames : I remember all the good times we had on here
MarioMan564 : if anyone ever comes back to this site or is new. join this discover server to stay up to date about SMEO
LSF Development : barely
WreckingPrograms : yes, sort of
HitCoder : Anyone alive?
MarioMan564 : lol
WreckingPrograms : yeah, I've heard about it, it's really sad :(
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WreckingPrograms : awesome
MagikGames : I'll give you the exe wait
MagikGames : I'm on
WreckingPrograms : 't have any save data yet
WreckingPrograms : I just gotta say that I played it on a different device, so I don
WreckingPrograms : but you dont seem to be on right now
WreckingPrograms : I would love to
WreckingPrograms : LOL that's amazing
MagikTest : Source is avalible on its mfgg topic
MagikTest : As in multiplayer, I downloaded the source and added GMServer to it :p
MagikTest : Want to play abducted toad together
WreckingPrograms : also can you seem to get the textbox on top of the screen? It doesn't work for me
WreckingPrograms : that sounds pretty cool, how did you implement a custom textbox?
MagikGames : Also I'm making a contact list and ability to send friend requests from the GoomGear too
MagikGames : I think with this I can add support for chat emoticons
MagikGames : Also I made custom chat that draws my spritefont on a transparent message box sprite
MagikGames : Checked during my lunch
MagikGames : He did
WreckingPrograms : I hope he'll change it soon
WreckingPrograms : awesome
MagikGames : Finally got the time to send Vinny the username change message on MFGG
WreckingPrograms : thanks!
MagikGames : Congratulations on winning Best Demo on mfgg awards
WreckingPrograms : of course!
MagikGames : wanna test later?
WreckingPrograms : that's great!
MagikGames : I can finally do some things I couldn't before like moving solids
MagikGames : I learned a lot from programming class this semester that I see lots that I can improve
MagikGames : Entire GQLOZ engine being rewritten from scratch
WreckingPrograms : I mean, the last real post was somewhere in October, I believe
WreckingPrograms : we should get this more active
MagikGames : :/
WreckingPrograms : sadly this place died
MarioMan564 : I havent been here in a while
WreckingPrograms : probably not, sorry
MagikGames : Does this style work with the SMB3 style in GQLOZ?
MarioMan564 : Sup
MagikGames : btw want to see the new intro cutscene when I finish?
MagikGames : It's from MFGG, custom menu buttons
WreckingPrograms : hi BigBlast
bigblast66 : hey
WreckingPrograms : actually, I think they do, and I love their sprites, did you make them yourself?
MagikGames : Do these menu buttons fit with the game's graphics?
WreckingPrograms : honestly, I think not (due to the outlines)
WreckingPrograms : it might just be Kiddo's computer
WreckingPrograms : now that you mention it, I don't get any errors either
MagikGames : Also I never crashed when playing SMEO online during the stream
MagikGames : Kiddo was not able to log into GQLOZ. But I and others were able to log in...
WreckingPrograms : I will probably use portforwarding/hamachi instead
WreckingPrograms : looking it the livestream, it basically ruins the experience
WreckingPrograms : I think I will abandon GMServer for SMEO
WreckingPrograms : it's my birthday! :)
MagikGames : It's like about done. I'm just going around and improving stuff
WreckingPrograms : NCFC starts tomorrow so you should get your booth done today
WreckingPrograms : you gotta finish it fast though
MagikGames : The limit on eggs is 8. I just made it infinite to test it
MagikGames : Also now you can have more than 1 egg with you
MagikGames : I made that the eggs follow the player YI style.
MagikGames : Did something cool with yoshi's eggs
WreckingPrograms : what do you want me to do?
WreckingPrograms : sure thing
MagikGames : want to help me make my trailer soon?
WreckingPrograms : hey MM
MarioMan564 : Sup?
WreckingPrograms : not yet
MagikGames : Is your demo ready for NCFC
WreckingPrograms : hey MM
MarioMan564 : Sup guys
Benjamin : same
WreckingPrograms : hi Magik
WreckingPrograms : indeed lol
MarioMan564 : been a while since I visited this place
MarioMan564 : Sup Ben, Pyro and Magik
Pyro : Ah
WreckingPrograms : I know, but my laptop broke, I sent it for reparation a few days ago
Pyro : There's still a bit under a month until NCFC, 5-3 could probably be done
WreckingPrograms : hi Magik
WreckingPrograms : There were a lot of spam acounts posting random junk all over the place
Benjamin : I didn't see what happened btw
Benjamin : interesting.
WreckingPrograms : world 5-1, 5-2 and the custom music feature
MagikGames : What's going to be new on SMEO's NCFC demo?
WreckingPrograms : this forum could be so much more without you
WreckingPrograms : such a shame
Mors : Don't do this
Mors : remove me
Mors : ok
LSF Development : people are actually on?
WreckingPrograms : but I can remove you too if you want
WreckingPrograms : I meant the spam members ._.
LSF Development : people are actually on?