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Shoutbox - History
MagikGames : I remember all the good times we had on here
MarioMan564 : if anyone ever comes back to this site or is new. join this discover server to stay up to date about SMEO
LSF Development : barely
WreckingPrograms : yes, sort of
HitCoder : Anyone alive?
MarioMan564 : lol
WreckingPrograms : yeah, I've heard about it, it's really sad :(
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MagikTest : I'll get you how it looks like on licecap
WreckingPrograms : I think I've got to look how it works in-game to judge about that
MagikTest : How many times do you want the lightning to bounce to other enemies on one hit? Don't want it to be too OP
WreckingPrograms : sounds neat, it reminds me of something but I can't remember what it is
MagikTest : Also the volt shroom I'm adding, the lightning can jump to close enemies on impact and do a chain attack
MagikTest : The item box is going to be in the new engine too
WreckingPrograms : and I just registered on your forum
WreckingPrograms : the Goomba sprites look pretty decent
MagikGames : Yeah and also GMF is moving to MagikFangaming, you can find it at I'll start the forum once the new engine is complete
MagikTest : The new goomba sprites that I'm using for the new engine
MarioMan564 : Sup
LuigiMan81 : sup
WreckingPrograms : sorry I was afk, but I'm here now
Hero : You here wrecking
Hero : i'm watching chadtronic
WreckingPrograms : shall we move this to IM?
Hero : so what are you up to right now
WreckingPrograms : oh, that's terrible indeed
Hero : .________________---.
Hero : so its terrible
WreckingPrograms : well we can talk now
Hero : my sis and bro too
Hero : also it seems i'm having sick problems
Hero : I've been dying to talk to you all still :1
Hero : but when he does it will wipe my computer clean and like how it was when i first got it
WreckingPrograms : ah okay
Hero : My dad is gonna do it
WreckingPrograms : also, that explains why youre not on skype anymore
WreckingPrograms : isnt there a way to remove the virus?
WreckingPrograms : that's sad to hear man
Hero : That is why i'm not using it :1
Hero : and popups
Hero : it also puts adds on everysite ever
Hero : and lags the crap out of it
Hero : and installs a bunch of things on the pc at once
Hero : The virus keeps making installers randomly come up
Hero : But i saved some on the internet thankfully in my email
Hero : All my games lost ;_;
Hero : Also if you wonder why i'm very inactive its because my computer has a virus so i'm not using it right now
Hero : No i intentionally called myself that.
WreckingPrograms : if so, do you want to change it to Zonee or FreeHeros?
WreckingPrograms : also, Heros, do you want me to change your name?
WreckingPrograms : what event?
MagikTest : lol looks like the event that was happening in 3/23/2015 didn't
Hero : My real account name on here is Zonee.
Hero : I just called myself that :1
WreckingPrograms : why are you called Hero here?
WreckingPrograms : hey FreeHeros
Hero : Hello everyone! :D
WreckingPrograms : he uploaded a (seemingly) cracked version of Game Maker and claimed it as his own software
MagikTest : What was he banned for anyways?
MagikTest : Why
WreckingPrograms : I just unbanned Desteny
MagikTest : back
MagikTest : you there?
WreckingPrograms : can you access IM? I am trying to message you but it says you're offline
MagikTest : ok
WreckingPrograms : shall we move this to IM?
WreckingPrograms : oh, hi
MagikTest : just on
MagikTest : ok
WreckingPrograms : but you're not on right now, damn
MagikTest : Wanna play abducted toad online
MagikTest : oh kk
WreckingPrograms : 8.1/8.0 is probably more reliable than Studio
MagikTest : Should I switch to studio? I still have that professional edition
WreckingPrograms : it never lags for me
WreckingPrograms : that's weird
MagikTest : 8.1
WreckingPrograms : you mean 8.0 or 8.1?
MagikTest : of old 1-3
MagikTest : It lags a bit in room editor
WreckingPrograms : ah, why?
MagikTest : I feel 8.1 is better
WreckingPrograms : or were you forced to because you cant activate 8.0 licenses anymore?
WreckingPrograms : did GM8.0 not suit your needs?
MagikTest : Upgraded to GM 8.1
LSF Development : nvm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I have even more power
WreckingPrograms : actually you're an admin
LSF Development : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
LSF Development : I'm a mod I can delete things
WreckingPrograms : now I'm scared
LSF Development : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
LSF Development : surprised?
WreckingPrograms : no way, I can't believe this!
LSF Development : I am alive
WreckingPrograms : I'm back
MagikGames : ya
WreckingPrograms : are you still there?
WreckingPrograms : it'd be easier to use that for messaging
WreckingPrograms : can you access skype?