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MagikGames : I remember all the good times we had on here
MarioMan564 : if anyone ever comes back to this site or is new. join this discover server to stay up to date about SMEO
LSF Development : barely
WreckingPrograms : yes, sort of
HitCoder : Anyone alive?
MarioMan564 : lol
WreckingPrograms : yeah, I've heard about it, it's really sad :(
LSF Development
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Super Mario 32: Ep.1 Mushroom Mission (Post)What's the problem? You can still download it elsewhere.
New member introduction (Post)What's so special about the group "notable member"?
What is it for?
Luigi's Art Thingies (Post)Looks promising. It seems like you have learned how to sprite.
DragBasic Engine 2 (Post)It's great! Can I use it in a fangame, I'm working on? Just for asking for permission. :)
Super Mario 32: Ep.1 Mushroom Mission (Post)Just google: SMBX and download. Problem solved.
And: No, it's not illegal to own SMBX.
Super Mario 32: Ep.1 Mushroom Mission (Post)Hi guys! I'm posting one of my episodes here! It's some kind of sm64thing like jumping around in worlds and searching stars.
I tried to do non linear levels and in some of them, I did it.
Here are some screens:

Yes, I did some bonuslevels/mingames, too.
But apparently, I couldn't fix the bug, that after a minigame, you get back to the room with them.
You're appearing at one door in the castle.

A boss.

-Invalid Video URL-

Extract the zipfile in the world-folder.

Peach got captured by Bowser. She lost for some reason her memories.
Was it an accident? And you must get some powershrooms witch are reminding Peach at old
times. The levels have to do with Peach, too. (sometimes) Have fun!