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Goomba's Adventure the Big Showdown Full Level ListINCLUDED IN NCFC:
World 1: Grassy Ruins
1-1: Ancient Path
1-2: Crystal Library
1-3: Raining Vally
1-4: Dinosaur Mountain
1-Tower: Towered Ruins
1-5: Tree Pass
1-6: Captain Goomba's Attack
1-7: Mushroom Sky
1-GH: Odd House
1-8: Undersea Ruins
1-9 (secret): Crumbling Ruins
1-Castle: Shinbleu Temple
World 2: Huge Canyon
2-1: Bridge Area
2-2: Pokey Rocks
2-3: Blooming Lands
2-Tower: Drill Tower
2-4: Desert Area
2-5: Rocky Cave
2-Ruins: Mysterious Ruins
2-6: Desert Mushrooms
2-7: Sunny Dunes
2-8 (secret): Deep Quicksand
2-Castle: Deep Castle
World 3: Frozen Ice Land
3-1: Snowy Fields
3-2: Ice Block Tower
3-3: Frozen Lake
3-4: Bouncy Stars
3-Tower: Icy Water Tower
3-5: Icy Cavern
3-6: Spiky Goombas
3-7: Bullet Bill Hill
3-8: Frozen Mushrooms
3-Boo: Spooky Path
3-9 (Secret): Cooligan Sea
3-Castle: Slippery Castle
World 4: Sunny Beach
4-1: Spouting Waters
4-2: Urchin Sea
4-3: Crab Sands
4-Tower: Spout Tower
4-5: Wet Mushrooms
4-6: Sandy Huts
4-Boo: Spooky Vessel
4-7: Cheep Cheep Sea
4-8 (secret): Big Ships
4-Castle: Undersea Castle
World 5: Pirana Jungle:
5-1: Giant Jungle
5-2: Climbing the Trees
5-3: Spiky Trees
5-Tower: Pirana Tower
5-4: Poisoned Waters
5-5: Huge Vessel
5-Boo: Ghost Goombas
5-6: Pirana Balls
5-7: Wiggler Tower
5-8 (secret): Giant Shells
5-Castle: Spiky Castle
World 6: High Skies
6-1: Land in the Sky
6-2: High Mushrooms
6-3: Flying Shells
6-4: Windy Clouds
6-Tower: Sky Tower
6-5: Cloudy Platforms
6-6: Sky Clouds
6-Boo: Boo Chase
6-7 (secret): Parabeetle Clouds
6-Castle: Sky Castle
World 7: Haunted Fields
7-1: Shifting Objects
7-2: Backwards Boos
7-3: Boo Buddy
7-Tower: Darkness Tower
7-4: Very Short Level...
7-5: Looping Area
7-Boo: Thunder Mansion
7-6 (Secret): Haunted Coaster
7-Castle: Puzzle Castle
7-Airship: Sky Ship
Passing: Rainbow Tower
World 8: The Big Star
8-1: Lava Sea
8-2: Spouting Lava
8-3: Magma Cave
8-Tower: Sinking Tower
8-4: Chompy Passing
8-5: Back to Space
8-6: Lava Coaster
8-Castle: Star Castle
World 9: Star Path
9-1: Spiky Grassland
9-2: Deep Rocks
9-3: Big Cooligans
9-4: Hungry Fish
9-5: Pirana Land
9-6: Parabeetle Rush
9-7: Falling Hills
9-8: Magma Waves
9-9: Sun Chase
World 10: Luigi World (Year of Luigi Special)
10-1: Mini Goomba Bounce-Along
10-2: Bounce and Flutter
10-3: Run
10-4: Wave Road Pendulums
10-5: Bonus Nightmare
10-6: Triple Sun Chase
10-7: Can you make it?
10-8: Astro Wave Comets
10-9: The Master Run
10-10: The One Master Run (Last and hardest level)
W.I.P TopicHere is the W.I.P. Topic! Show info of your W.I.P. games here!
False HelpSimple rules. You post saying you need help with something and the next poster says a bad way of helping the previous poster.

- I need help with my homework
- There, I fed it to my dog so you don't have to do it.

Here I go: I need help beating this mario level.
Dumbing Down FactsOk. So I say a fact that is true and you make it not true and explain why then say a fact yourself!

- 1 + 1 = 2
- No it is 3 cause it's such a cool number!

I'll start: The police protects people by arresting criminals.
The Unknown SwitchThis game can also be found on the GMF.

Rules are simple. Reply by saying you pressed a switch and didn't knew what was going to happen and you get a crazy anwser.

I'll start: I press the power switch of my brand new Wii U!
Mystery ItemSimple. You say that you bought something and the next poster says that something crazy happened to the item.

- I bought an apple.
- It has a worm in it!

I'll start:
I bought a bottle mountain stream water.
Goomba Mario Saving MegamanStory:

Long ago, the ancient toads made a star called the Cosmic Star which contained lots of powerful ancient power. It was used to defeat a dark force that was attacking them long ago. After the Cosmic Star defeated the dark force, it shattered into 7 pieces and each piece flew to a different location in the Mushroom Kingdom. Many centuries after the dark force was gone, the goomba's have discovered one of those pieces in of the old ruins where the ancient toads used to be. Goomboss decided to find all of the pieces of the Cosmic Star and use it to take over the universe. But one goomba didn't like what he was planning. So that goomba betrayed Goomboss and tries to stop him from taking over the universe. So he decided to find all of the pieces of the Cosmic Star and destroy it before Goomboss gets the power that's in the star.

Old Demo: This is the demo for the upcoming Goomba Mario part 11.
Moving: left key, right key. Jumping: up key. Shooting Power-Up: space. Entering doors: down key. Back to Demo screen: backspace.
Download here:
Choose the levels in the Demo screen by clicking them.

New Video! (Baby Yoshis!)
Edit: There is currently 3 videos about any parts of the game in the universe. They are by me.

Level contributing has been moved to the contributing topic in Developer Discussion.

World Names:
World 1: Green Grasslands
A green grassland where the adventure starts.
World 2: Huge Canyon
A huge canyon with bridges rocky terrain and bullet bill cannons.
World 3: Frozen Iceland
An icy world with snowy ground and icy paths. It is also a home to Cooligans.
World 4: Sunny Beach
A beautiful beach with clean water and home to many cheep cheeps and other underwater enemys.
World 5: Piranha Forest
A giant forest with giant ball-like Piranha Plants and poison water.
World 6: Cloudy Skies
Sky world with mushroom platforms and cloud platforms and tons of athletic levels.
World 7: Deep in the Hill
Inside a giant green hill (From smb3, smw and nsmbw) with hill looking enemys.
World 8: The Giant Star
Deep in space on a giant star where the final boss is.

A multiple checkpoint system fully working. First it checks the level your entering, then it checks the room
of the checkpoint and last it teleports the player to the x and y of the checkpoint enterance. These stuff
are entered in the checkpoint bar's creation code.
Credit goes to: Reghehre, XNascarProductionsX, Elbow for the tilesets.

Old Screenshots:

Here, I show the new 1-1. Anyways I aready changed it a bit from this video. Its old.

This is the final look of 1-1. I might change it but im not sure yet.

The Baby Yoshi test! Features Baby balloon and bubble Yoshis!

Playing of 1-1 and 1-7.

The new secret level of world 1. Parabeetle Sky.

Rolling Fields. Now Goomba Mario has slopes and wheels!