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Statistics (Post)For orb number five, I have searched for elements online and saw the ones that will fit. They are suggestions. (No air orb as you said)

Here's how you read it. Orb Name/World it might go with/Design/Boss.

-Electricity/Lightning Orb = Factory/Thunderclouded World? (Yellow orb with lighting bolt on it)/King Lakitu (The dark thunder kind)

-Darkness Orb = Ghost World (Black orb that can have a black ghost? Or be just all black)/King Boo

-Light Orb = World with lots of objects that make light? Like stars and enemies that make light. (Yellow orb that has a sun on it)/King Bright Golden Axe Guy? You can say King Axe but I got the concept of the boss.

-Weather Orb = World with intense and changing weather? Like you could make a level where wind blows you back after some time and you have to stay behind a wall. Or a rain flood level. (Light blue orb with rainclouds on it and a few raindrops)/King Tornado

-Poison Orb = Forest/Cave? But has poison water, that's where the poison comes in. (Purple orb with this on it? Piranha Plant

If your going for simple elements, I suggest to go with lighting orb then. But i'm not sure how the world theme will be.

Also here's some ideas for World 4, the earth orb. (I'm just reading the orbs by the order you put them)

-Canyon = King Goomba? (He is a big land enemy)

-Desert = King Pokey/ King Sun
Goomba Mario Saving Megaman (Post)Stuff that happened:
- New Title screen
- New World 1 Map
- GRP Shop is done
- The GATBS Tutorial is done
- New beginning cutscene
- Story Adjustment, I put Super Mario Bros the Cosmic Stars and the GATBS story together. The goomba now tries to stop Goomboss from stealing the Cosmic Stars and using the dark force to take over the universe.

The Cosmic Stars were ancient stars that the ancient toads made to prevent a dark force that if it fell into the wrong hands, the universe could be in great danger.

Also that Mario fangame I am planning will be based on a different story.
Goomba Mario Saving Megaman (Post)Look for the demo at NCFC 2013 tomorrow.
Goomba's Adventure the Big Showdown Full Level List (Post)INCLUDED IN NCFC:
World 1: Grassy Ruins
1-1: Ancient Path
1-2: Crystal Library
1-3: Raining Vally
1-4: Dinosaur Mountain
1-Tower: Towered Ruins
1-5: Tree Pass
1-6: Captain Goomba's Attack
1-7: Mushroom Sky
1-GH: Odd House
1-8: Undersea Ruins
1-9 (secret): Crumbling Ruins
1-Castle: Shinbleu Temple
World 2: Huge Canyon
2-1: Bridge Area
2-2: Pokey Rocks
2-3: Blooming Lands
2-Tower: Drill Tower
2-4: Desert Area
2-5: Rocky Cave
2-Ruins: Mysterious Ruins
2-6: Desert Mushrooms
2-7: Sunny Dunes
2-8 (secret): Deep Quicksand
2-Castle: Deep Castle
World 3: Frozen Ice Land
3-1: Snowy Fields
3-2: Ice Block Tower
3-3: Frozen Lake
3-4: Bouncy Stars
3-Tower: Icy Water Tower
3-5: Icy Cavern
3-6: Spiky Goombas
3-7: Bullet Bill Hill
3-8: Frozen Mushrooms
3-Boo: Spooky Path
3-9 (Secret): Cooligan Sea
3-Castle: Slippery Castle
World 4: Sunny Beach
4-1: Spouting Waters
4-2: Urchin Sea
4-3: Crab Sands
4-Tower: Spout Tower
4-5: Wet Mushrooms
4-6: Sandy Huts
4-Boo: Spooky Vessel
4-7: Cheep Cheep Sea
4-8 (secret): Big Ships
4-Castle: Undersea Castle
World 5: Pirana Jungle:
5-1: Giant Jungle
5-2: Climbing the Trees
5-3: Spiky Trees
5-Tower: Pirana Tower
5-4: Poisoned Waters
5-5: Huge Vessel
5-Boo: Ghost Goombas
5-6: Pirana Balls
5-7: Wiggler Tower
5-8 (secret): Giant Shells
5-Castle: Spiky Castle
World 6: High Skies
6-1: Land in the Sky
6-2: High Mushrooms
6-3: Flying Shells
6-4: Windy Clouds
6-Tower: Sky Tower
6-5: Cloudy Platforms
6-6: Sky Clouds
6-Boo: Boo Chase
6-7 (secret): Parabeetle Clouds
6-Castle: Sky Castle
World 7: Haunted Fields
7-1: Shifting Objects
7-2: Backwards Boos
7-3: Boo Buddy
7-Tower: Darkness Tower
7-4: Very Short Level...
7-5: Looping Area
7-Boo: Thunder Mansion
7-6 (Secret): Haunted Coaster
7-Castle: Puzzle Castle
7-Airship: Sky Ship
Passing: Rainbow Tower
World 8: The Big Star
8-1: Lava Sea
8-2: Spouting Lava
8-3: Magma Cave
8-Tower: Sinking Tower
8-4: Chompy Passing
8-5: Back to Space
8-6: Lava Coaster
8-Castle: Star Castle
World 9: Star Path
9-1: Spiky Grassland
9-2: Deep Rocks
9-3: Big Cooligans
9-4: Hungry Fish
9-5: Pirana Land
9-6: Parabeetle Rush
9-7: Falling Hills
9-8: Magma Waves
9-9: Sun Chase
World 10: Luigi World (Year of Luigi Special)
10-1: Mini Goomba Bounce-Along
10-2: Bounce and Flutter
10-3: Run
10-4: Wave Road Pendulums
10-5: Bonus Nightmare
10-6: Triple Sun Chase
10-7: Can you make it?
10-8: Astro Wave Comets
10-9: The Master Run
10-10: The One Master Run (Last and hardest level)
Goomba Mario Saving Megaman (Post)Goals for NCFC demo:
1. Finish world 1
2. Get GRP (Goomba Relaxiation Point) Ready with a battle mode
3. Final Testing
4. Submit on NCFC
Releases (Post)I am going to try it today. Looks nice!
W.I.P Topic (Post)Well it is The Year Of Luigi and they are going to release New Super Luigi U in june 20 2013. I might do something on GATMR to celebrate it.

Things that I might do:
- Add Luigi marks to levels (Luigis in the wall or floating, they are like stickers)
- Make a playable Luigi and make co-op possible (Maybe)
- Level: Rainbow Tower as PASSING
- Add a 10th world with levels that start with 100 seconds and they are hard levels
- Remake 1-1 and 1-7

Also some new GATMR features:
- Wave Roads (Something from Megaman, can only be walked on and be visible to the screen when you have the Megaman Power-Up. Wave Roads starts appearing at the 1-7 Remake. They are like like palace blocks.)
- Challenge Mode (A ton of challenges to complete)
W.I.P Topic (Post)Alright, here are the levels you can buy in the level booth/buy level extension:

Easy Blocks - free: New to Goomba Mario but you want to try a easy level? Try out a good ol' blocky path with colored solidtop blocks level!

Breezy Fields - 10 coins: A nice sunny field that has a nice breeze blowing through it.

SMB 1-1 - 20 coins: Good ol' SMB 1-1.

Goomba Island - 30 coins: A tropical island with tropical forests and beaches. Enjoy a fun, safe and very long adventure through Goomba Island! Oh wait... ur the killer goomba. You will be attacked by goombas there.

Bob-omb Bridge - 60 coins: A World 2 themed level with a big bridge and those Bob-omb cannons from NSMB2.

Coin Forest - 100 coins: A forest that is said that coins grow there and there are so many!

Haunted Dragon Coaster - 100 coins: A dragon coaster in a boo house. Beware the boos!

Tornado Falls - 100 coins: They say a tornado spins forever and still spinning today. It is in a waterfall area.

The Endless Sea - 120 Coins: How deep is this sea? It is said there is a treasure at the bottom.

Meteor Storm- 150 coins: A space level and theres meteors flying everywhere!

Exploding Cave - 220 coins: Bob-ombs everywhere! They even come out in a bounce in question blocks a explode when they land!

Coin Heaven - 2000 coins: Coins! Coins! Coins! Coins are everywhere!

The Final - 5000 coins: The hardest level of all.
The endless story (Post)But they all exploded after 1 minute!
W.I.P Topic (Post)Alright, so lets start.

The Goomba Relaxation Point (GRP):

So the GRP is a piece of very big land owned by your player. It is hidden from the other goombas so you are safe there. Some toads found it while they were on a walk and the 2 goombas explained what was going on and that any toad is welcome to stay here. So the toads stayed and they tell the other toads about GRP. Some toads wanted to assist the player so they set up shop. In the start, you have the Item Shop, The Item storage, The Level booth and the Builder. The level booth is actually that a toad has messed around with warpcards and created special pipes by zapping them with a warpcard lazer and the pipes led to faraway places. The toad teleports people to a selected place for a price that you only have to pay one time in the game for that chosen level. The Builder is useful if you want to add new maps to GRP! Well they cost many coins, but you get new maps that are connected at the warp pipe with the selection screen. The toads there have some ai. They walk around. They jump on the hills on the starter map. They swim at the pool. The sit down to relax sometimes. Also when they touch each other, they sometimes start a conversation with each other. On the left of the first map (The door back to World 1. You can exit GRP with the pause screen too) toads will come in time to time. Those toads don't stay forever like the toads you see when your first view at GRP. They will stay for about 1000 to 2000 steps then they will exit on the left. The new maps you get with the Builder has toads too.

The GoomGear:

Well, the GoomGear is sort of like a ipad because it is the same size and stuff. But it is your main menu. You get it at the beginning of the game at a toad that has a goomba costume so he pretends to be a goomba to get you the GoomGear. The first time you can go to the save/quit menu is after you get your GoomGear which is your save/quit menu. The extensions (apps) you start off with is the calendar, the GoomGear Store, the Save and the Quit. You can buy many new apps at the GoomGear Store. The Buy Level extension is for free and you get it on your first talk with the Level Booth toad in GRP. The buy level extension works like the Level Booth toad because it shows the same shop screen. You can warp to the levels you bought on the GoomGear. I will be posting a purchasable level list for coins below this post in the W.I.P. topic. The GoomGear store has many new apps you can get with coins. There are apps like the Cheep Tank and the Color Pad. The GoomGear has a password to login to it and the password is simply your Goomba Number. Your Goomba Number is mentioned in Goomba Mario Part 1 which is a different game by me and it's done. It is also mentioned in the start of this game. If you forgot your GoomGear password, simply click the Forgot Password button on the login screen and you anwser a small security question you made when you were modifying the settings of your GoomGear which you didn't really modified the player did itself. The small question is basically: What are you? Then there is: a (You select your anwser in a dropbox). The anwser is Goomba simply and it tells your GoomGear password on the screen which is your Goomba Number.