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MagikGames : I remember all the good times we had on here
MarioMan564 : if anyone ever comes back to this site or is new. join this discover server to stay up to date about SMEO
LSF Development : barely
WreckingPrograms : yes, sort of
HitCoder : Anyone alive?
MarioMan564 : lol
WreckingPrograms : yeah, I've heard about it, it's really sad :(
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Super Smash Universe: A Fangame
The titlescreen is done. Sprites aren't made by me, and whenever I press History Google Chrome crashes, so I'll get it for you guys later.

The name is based off of a game I made a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, so long that I lost the computer and .gmk it was for. It was a declined MFGG submission and had Mario and EXTREMELY sloppy Sonic AI which consisted of sonic going near you and punching you forever.

It's Orange because it's my second favorite color. Stop mocking me.
Anyways, post any new videos that you've made.

Made a shitty intro for my channel

My Super Sly GTA V Crew Rogue Kingpins (PLEASE JOIN IT'S JUST ONLY ME SO FAR :( )

Don't laugh at me just because I forgot to resize the image and the quality is terrible. I know that already. So shut up.
GTA V/GTA OnlineSo I haven't been posting because I have been hooked on GTA V since I got it. Currently, I'm level 15 and have a shotgun (don't know which, didn't check), a Bulpup Rifle, tons of useless pistols, and a Mini SMG.

My PSN ID is Luigifan64100 (of course it is)
By the way if anyone wants to do Coveted with someone I would be glad to. The winnings are 18k on Normal, something way better on Hard.
I have a apartment that costs 87k. Maybe I should of waited to get something better because my apartment is crummy as hell.
My guy is a green hatted guy with some glasses. (They kinda look like Aviators.)

Update: Join Crew: RogueKingpins
BlockSurvival: Paid or Free?I'm thinking, should I make BlockSurvival free(with ads), or make it cost $1.99 for free lifetime updates?
Or should I make a free and paid? And if I do make a paid version, what should it cost?

Forum SugestionsUh, since I don't make fangames anymore (I'd like to be creative) please, can you make a new forum called: Indie Games please? I really don't like fangames anymore (and I want to make profit off of my games since I have no job).
Luigi's Epic AdventureSo yeah, um.
Note: I made this game concept up in early 2012, before Super Mario Elemental Orbs was a thing.

Mario has to save the princess yet again. But a giant elemental monster robs Mario!
So Luigi has to save him! Get fire, water, electricity, and more in this game! I know this might sound like a rippof, but I made this concept first.
Sprite/Art W.I.P TopicHere we show sprites that aren't fully in development to have their own topics. I GUESS I can post this again, because, yeah, it's not finished. It's very close though, just need a duck.

Forgot to post the image, there.
Questioning the use of the Badge OperatorHonestly, I don't see a point of having this type of class anyways, because admins can do that anyways, so......

Mother 1.5Mother 1.5
A continuation of Ninten's story. No story yet.

This is a engine test. It is testing the overworld. I have programmed a battle engine, however it isn't compatible with the
overworld. Yet. It is a bit buggy, and I hope to fix it.
Sprite Competition #1Hello, and welcome to the first spriting competition! The theme for this competition is........Forms of Mario!
Yes, like how Mario turns into a bomb, you have to make another form!
Da Rules:
You must sprite a custom form and a already existing one.
And Yoshi's transformations!
You have two weeks, which means it ends on 6/16/2013!