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MagikGames : I remember all the good times we had on here
MarioMan564 : if anyone ever comes back to this site or is new. join this discover server to stay up to date about SMEO
LSF Development : barely
WreckingPrograms : yes, sort of
HitCoder : Anyone alive?
MarioMan564 : lol
WreckingPrograms : yeah, I've heard about it, it's really sad :(
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Super Mario - Quest for the Golden MushroomsSome of you may remember this game I made more than 2 years ago:

That's right, it's QFTGM! Now why are you bringing it back? Did you finally improve that piece of shit? Of course not :P . However, I did bring it back for a reason. Remember the bug where you couldn't complete the game, because you got stuck in a factory level? Well, after watching this video, I decided to create a patch that fixes this bug! That means you can now complete 2 more levels, 2 more bosses and 2 more game modes!

Download it here. Your old save file still works if you put it in the same folder, but you gotta die once to let the fix do its work. Enjoy!
Development pageI started working on a new indie game. It's a super-speed platformer game, that's obviously inspired by Sonic (but not a ripoff, far from that). Here's an old video and a newly-made GIF:



Here's an engine test: .

Yes, I know that I scrap a lot of indie projects. The main problem was that it's not my kind of game (RPG-platformer indie, Environment Switch) or that it was a lot of copy-pasting code, not actually programming (Build Infinity). I really hope I won't scrap this game.

I know I didn't show a lot, but any criticism is welcome, nonetheless!
StatisticsHere you can find SMEO's statistics.

Current players online:

World status:
World 1, 2, 3 done
World 4, 5, 6, (7) to go

World themes + bossed:
World 1: grasslands, King Mole
World 2: water, King Blooper
World 3: ice, King Walrus
World 4: desert + mountain, ???
World 5: ???, ???
World 6: fire/Bowser's land, Bowser
World 7 (unconfirmed, bonus world): elemental mess-up, Guardian(s)

Grass, water, ice, earth, ???, fire (6 in total)

Fire flower, tornado leaf, gravity mushroom

I think that was it. If you missed anything, feel free to say it or post it yourself.
Site bannerIf you support this site, why not showing it? Copy those banners in your signature on other forums to show your support to get new members! By the way, by supporting this way, you'll also get coins ;).

At forums with a light background, use this (dark blue text)


At forums with a dark background, use this (white text)


Also, some forums allow the center tag, which is pretty cool. It's recommended using it:

[center]<your code>[/center]
Minigame competition #1Welcome to the first minigame competition! Since there are badges for it now, why not actually starting one? Here are the general rules and guidelines:

  1. Do not use any pre-made engines, even if they are made by you. However, small codes like a textbox code are allowed to use, just not the main thing.
  2. Teams are allowed only if there is one programmer and one spriter, level designer or composer. Teams of more than 2 people aren't allowed.
  3. Post your entries in this thread and don't make separate topics for them, unless you want to make it a project of yours and wanna show the progress, etc.
  4. Your minigame must be playable to everyone so upload files like .exe or .zip . File hosting sites are recommended, but if you have another download link which is accessible to everyone, it's allowed.
  5. Extensions can only be made by staff members, and only when there are projects in the works which couldn't match the deadline. Although, the staff doesn't have to make an extension.
  6. No top 5/top 3 voting is needed. Just go straight ahead to the final voting.
  7. The minigame has to be Mario related.

Also, this is how to vote:

  1. Play all the entries, and decide which one you like best.
  2. Post here with a message like "I vote for <name here>". Just a name is allowed too, just make it obvious you're voting for that person.

And the theme is.... Autumn. Create a minigame which looks like it's autumn there. Make it obvious, don't enter with a minigame without any autumn aspects and then say "Yeah, it's autumn there, the trees just aren't red yet" or something.

I'm giving you two weeks, so that means the deadline is on Monday 6th May. Good luck!
Warning listHere you will find all the warnings that are handed out. When a person is banned, it will go to the exiled corridor. When your warning meter is at 100%, a permanent ban is waiting for you.

DestenyForge - 50%
Suggestions?Do you have any suggestions what needs to change or be added? Then please list them here so I can improve this site to make you guys even more comfortable and let you enjoy more stuff.
General creditsI'll list the credits for this site here.

MagikGames - Helping me with setting up the site and supporting

DragezeeY - Helped me with programming the read, unread and redirect icons along with their graphics

Mit - Mario, Luigi, Goomba and Bob-omb sprites in the logo background

TJ The Kid - Tileset used in the logo background
Wreckin' DrawingsSo, I'll post all my drawings here. Currently, there are just three.


So, just two days since this forum is launched, but here's a brand new update anyway. Alot of stuff is added, the beginning things: forums, topics, etc. but also some more advanced things: an orginal font, a new background, logo and logo background. Also, rank colors are added. I'll list the ranks with their color:

Member - light blue
Moderator - green
Administrator - red
Banned - black

Also, notable member rank will come next, so be tuned!